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Baby Panda

Panda Cubs
  • The panda reproduction cycle is a long one. Normally a mother gives birth to a baby panda every two years. However it is not uncommon for a mother to wait three or even four years before giving birth. Females have a litter size of one or sometimes two cubs.
  • Baby pandas are born blind. They are completely helpless and dependant. Although they have a very fine coat of hair at birth, newborn cubs may appear pink in color. Their eyes open after they are six to eight weeks old. The baby is very tiny compared to an adult's dimensions.
  • At birth baby pandas weigh under six ounces and are under six inches in length. The mother will devote her entire day taking care of her baby. She will caress her newborn, clean her with her tongue, and never let her out of her sight.
  • For as much attention that they receive, babies are occasionally crushed by their giant mother. Research video recordings and pictures reveal this can accidentally happen when she turns over or moves about in her sleep.
  • Panda cubs are dependant for about two to three years. However usually only one cub survives to maturity. Often only one baby panda will be nurtured and the others rejected.
  • Awkward while young, the cute giant baby panda is clumsy during development. It will trip, roll, fall, and stumble its way around to explore its environment.
  • The panda bear cub’s chances of survival in the wild depends on their learned development skills as well as their habitat. The ability to avoid human contact and influence is also an important factor.
  • Baby panda bears may depend on their parent ’s milk for up to one year. However nursing is usually completed in under ten months. Eventually tender bamboo shoots and leaves will be sampled and become their stable diet.
  • A panda cub gains weight steadily and will reach about 75 pounds within one year. It will still maintain the cute appearance of a juvenile.
  • Animals are very keen to their immediate environment. In captivity the mother will sometimes ignore her baby panda. Caretakers may attempt to rescue and raise them. Various nurturing techniques are used to simulate tactile activities and socializing, both dependent on how early they are abandoned.

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